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Experience the Future of Performance Marketing

ImagineLeads revolutionizes performance marketing by combining lead generation with cutting-edge tech and AI to precisely target consumers with the highest conversion intent. We're your gateway to success in today's competitive digital landscape.

Our Story

With a remarkable 20-year legacy in digital marketing, we are a true trailblazer in the lead generation and performance marketing industry. Our team brings together expertise across a range of verticals such as Healthcare, Surveys, Education, Insurance, and Home Improvement. We've mastered everything, from host and post to call transfers, and everything in between.

What sets us apart is our early adoption of AI technology, where we lead the way in optimizing lead generation flows and refining consumer data. 

Reach out to us to discover how we can enhance your business.


Our Services

We offer a range of services tailored to help your business reach the right customers. We are pros at:

Lead Generation

We deliver lead generation solutions that stand out. Each campaigh starts off with targeting including options for age, gender, geography, and AI-driven intent. Once targeting is in place, we reinforce data quality and strict TCPA compliance. Finally, data validation tools and human quality assurance ensure that the leads that reach our clients are of the highest quality. Our methods ensure your marketing campaigns achieve unmatched precision and effectiveness.


We excels in generating targeted traffic through a portfolio of owned and operated web properties. With maximum data and volume control, our approach guarantees precision. We tailor traffic to meet your specific needs, employing a client-centric strategy that aligns with your goals and KPIs.

Aged Data

We specialize in providing aged data leads for industries such as health insurance, final expense, auto, and many others. What makes us stand out is our strict quality assurance process, which we use to maintain top-notch lead quality. Our aged data leads come from our owned and operated properties only, no third party leads here.

Live Transfer

Our Live Call Transfers and Click To Call leads stand out for their rigorous data validation and customer profiling. We employ unique targeting filters for each vertical, ensuring that the call transfers meet your targeting needs even before the call begins. Our leads are TCPA compliant, verified, and undergo a human quality assurance process. Partner with us to drive high-quality inbound calls to your sales team.

For Advertisers

ImagineLeads specializes in delivering high-quality leads and targeted traffic through a unique blend of owned and operated websites. Our approach to lead generation follows strict TCPA compliance and quality standards enhanced by meticulous human quality control, to provide our clients with leads and live transfers sourced from our internal web properties and data. We are committed to delivering only the finest leads, ensuring that each one aligns seamlessly with your specific needs. Partner with us for unparalleled lead generation excellence. Whether you're a direct advertiser or an agency, we stand ready to amplify your success. Contact us today and discover the ImagineLeads advantage in driving your marketing endeavors to new heights.


For Publishers

At ImagineLeads, we redefine the path to success for publishers. Our owned and operated properties are meticulously optimized to ensure exceptional front-end conversions that consistently surpass your eCPM goals. We recognize that you're not just searching for a network but a dedicated partner. With a portfolio of unique, high-converting offers tailored to your specific needs, we pave the way for your publishing success.  Elevate your eCPM goals, partner with a team dedicated to your growth, and unlock the power of high-converting offers tailored just for you.


Your path to excellence in publishing starts here.


Get ready to maximize your customer acquisition with ImagineLeads lead generation solutions.

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